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My First Blog

Today, I will be discussing my life’s goals and what I would like to leave before I go Home. I have not considered much about the future other than planning out, financially, for my future. I have not really sat down and thought out what I might want to leave before I go to Heaven. A few thoughts have come to mind over the past couple of months. Several ideas were; volunteering much for my community, create a website that is dedicated to sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ, and traveling around the nation in all 50 states.

One of my mark that I want to leave is to foster and strengthen communities around my area to improve their lives and their awareness for others. In tandem, I really enjoy being a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. I also want to make a difference on a personal level to further impact their lives more positively despite their current and past situations. Currently, I am working as an American Red Cross Digital Social Media Volunteer that provides both digital alertness and present to surrounding communities to foster awareness and the urgent of community preparedness to deal with critical, life-threatening to volunteering situations. My goal as a social media volunteer is; to create a strong network of an online following of Twitter and Facebook followers to widen preparedness and alertness in both inside and outside of the communities. My end-goal is; to ensure that volunteers are mobilized at the right time, place, and situations.

The second mark that I would like to leave is; to create a dedicated website just for getting the Good News out to the masses so people can read and simply trust in Jesus as their Savior through faith for eternal life. For a dedicated website, I would like to input creative free-form written pieces that talks about the basics components of the Good News and how one must be saved to gain entry into Heaven. The website will also include key research that I have done over the past several years and will research from a Word’s perspective and not from mine. The site would go over old historical information that most churches do not discuss for fear of ridicules and differences in society’s worldly opinions.

The last mark that I would like to leave is; merely traveling through all fifty states. I would want to visit Chicago, New York, and Florida. I also would like to go to Hawaii as well because of the beauty and the natural scenes.

Anyways, with my first blog, my goal is to make my presence known out on the public interweb. My vision is; to keep people informed about my research in Scriptures along with providing hope of Jesus to those who really need it. The website will have a blog functionality so I can post alongside my research site.


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