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Quick Update of Early Week of March 2019

Last week, I have been working on editing videos for YouTube and most of my videos are tutorial videos for subjects like; Azure, Apple, and Linux. I am beginning to manipulate videos more on the Adobe Premiere Pro and moving away from Rush because I needed to use the animation feature to animate the videos and elements properly to make my videos look more professional.

Red River
Red River

Earlier last week, I captured several drone photos of the Red River during the bright noonday. I really enjoyed tweaking my camera to get the right, perfect exposure, and color for each photo. After the flights, I exported them to Adobe Lightroom CC and made edits to adjust lighting and colors to make the photos really stand out. I am not an expert at it, but I am continuously learning and growing in best practices for both video and photography.

Bible Study Logos Bible App
Bible Study Logos Bible App

During the evenings, I have been digging deep into Scriptures and currently, I am in the books of Acts in the part of where Philip, the preacher, witnessed to a man from Ethiopia. The man believed with his heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was saved right there at the moment of belief.

At work, nothing exciting happened. It was the usual routine that I have been doing since the last seven months of working at a tech company.

Anyways, that is all I have from last week! If you like this blog, feel free to share and follow my website for more contents!

Questions for You: 

  1. Did anything significant happened in your life and how did it impact you?


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