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I Had a Dream of Sharing a Simple Gospel of Jesus to This Lady In the Park

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The first portion of the Dream, I was in this temple like structure and it was in a snowy conditioned place in the ethereal I am not sure why I was there. Next thing you know, I was playing some Minecraft like game. At the same time, I was being chased around by some neighborhood kids when I was around sixteen at that time. My car stopped working and I was trapped. I then got out of the vehicle and ran away from the situations.

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Once that was said and done. I met this lady and I was talking to hear about life and she told me that her grandparents died and asked me where do the dead go. I told her that those who believed in Jesus Christ’s sufficient work at the cross through His blood are saved. They would be in the presence of the Lord. Being absent from the body and in the presence of the Lord. During that time, I shared the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ to her and she was excited to hear about the message of Jesus after I told her about the history of Abraham Bosom of where the OT saints go. The reason being, She was interested in the afterlife and how she could get to Heaven. Through that new Adam and Savior and King, Jesus Christ.


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