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I Had a EMP Blackout Dream

Evening Mirror of the Pond Near My Apartment

In the dream, I was in Fargo and at that time I was in some high rise building overlooking the evening night sky. I noticed that all the lights were out except the backup lights near the upper half of the tall and overreaching buildings. I believe that this was during the time of a nuclear EMP attack that hit our American controlled airspace. The ICBM from a foreign country exploded above our sky. In the dream and at that time, I didn’t hear the loud explosion since it was in the middle heart of America.
There were chaos and much destruction that occurred at the ground level. It felt that I was living in a war zone during times of war. Microsoft was destroyed and their building vacated. The power was out, everything was out. I had no communications whatsoever and I tried my phone and my work laptop and there were no power or communications. Based on my dream, all of the customers’ cloud storage data as well as Azure itself, went offline about a week after the EMP strike. Many people are panicking of what they should do. Most were not trained to survive in these types of harsh events.
This calls in for a new government to form as well as order since chaos reigned supreme during those days. After that moment of watching the overview of the dead lifeless Fargo, I woke up.

Sunset Sky Fargo South

I believe that this dream was pointing to an upcoming possible EMP blackout in the US. I was in Fargo at that time and it took place during the evening where the sunset was about to go down.

Let me know if you have any of your dreams that were meaningful. I would love to hear about your dreams! 🙂

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