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Albert Schultz

Driving to work
Driving to work

Bio: Hi, I am Albert and I am a support engineer at Microsoft. I enjoy solving problems as well as collaborating with fellow customers and my colleagues. When I am not at work, I really enjoy outdoor running, bicycling, basketball, and weight-lifting. On Fridays after work, I am usually at home working on video edits and researching about new disruptive technologies, life’s moments, and revelations in Scriptures to be posted to this website.

Vision: To grow closer to Jesus Christ (YHVH) through prayer and study life and to empower other believers to be disciples and spread the simple message of the love of Jesus Christ to the lost respectfully and be like a dove.

Goals: The first goal is to live the life moment by moment and not worry about the future that causes me to stress out that harms my mental and physical wellbeing. The second goal is to continue and volunteer with key non-profit organizations to make impact on a individuals one person at a time. The third goal is to develop confidence and continue to do so to fellowship with like-minded individuals to edify each one of them.

Favorite types of foods: My favorite types of foods are; sushis, seafoods, green vegetables, tea, water, chicken, steak, and Thai Drunken Noodles.

Favorite TV Shows: Stargate, Star Trek, and Supernatural.


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