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What Must I Do To Be Saved?

In this bible study, I will be presenting the most important topic in the Bible and that is, what must I do to be saved for Heaven? We can see that in many or most modern day churches, they preached that you must commit your life to Christ, repent of sins, surrender your life to Jesus, and or fruits must be shown via actions to prove that you are saved.

Thoughts About Life Part 2

Last week, I have been pretty busy with work, gym, and other personal related situations. The good part of last week was, I got my ears unplugged safely and managed to hear the loudest of the loudest noise.

Once Saved Always Saved?

Once Saved Always Saved is a doctrine that is being discussed hotly today in many of the circle of Christianity. Many people believed that OSAS is biblical while others believe that OSAS is a doctrine made up by men that were from Satan. Once Saved Always Saved is a doctrine that states that when a person simply believed on Jesus Christ’s finished work at the cross through His blood, that they are eternally secured no matter what they do or committed. The premise is, that Jesus Christ purged all of the sins at the cross through His blood from past, present, and future. There are arguments that OSAS gives a person a license to sin. This is the most popular reason why many people reject OSAS. Let’s dig deeper into what Once Saved Always Saved is about and if it aligns with Scriptures.